General Information for Course Partisipants

Course times:
08:15-15:45 (Monday-Friday)
NB! The following courses start at 10:00 the first day:
- Small MOB boat basic/refresher
- Daughter Craft basic/refresher
- Coxswain Free fall/Skid/Conventional basic/refresher
After the first day, all courses start at 08:15.

ASK Training Facilities in Gangstøvika:
Gangstøvikveien 109, 6009 Ålesund.

Ålesund Airport (Vigra) – ASK Safety (about 20 mins)

ASK Safety provides clothing for all exercises. (Suits, shoes/boots etc)
Students bring their own change of clothes.

Lunch is included in the course price. We offer warm and cold dishes every day.

All private course participants must pay for the course by the first day. Card payment is available. Students who pay shortly before the course starts, must show their receipt.

ASK Safety’s customers and students can choose to enjoy our beneficial hotel deal with Scandic Parken in Ålesund city center. 

We wish you welcome to training with us at ASK Safety!