ASK Safety offers maritime courses in Fosnavåg

From May 2020, ASK Safety offers selected STCW refresher courses in Fosnavåg.

The courses we offer here are:
-STCW Advanced Safety Training Refresher, Engine Officer
-STCW AST Refresher, Deck Offsicer
-STCW Survival Craft 2-1 Refresher
-STCW Fast Rescue Boat 2-2 Refresher

Registration for these courses is now open. For course dates and registration click here.

The courses will be held in Norwegian.


We are located with our partner STQ at Thon Hotel Fosnavåg. The address is Gerhard Voldnes veg 7, 6090 Fosnavåg.

We have a large portfolio of courses that we offer at our course center in Ålesund. For more courses, see our website
or send an inquiry to