ASK Training Facilities in Gangstøvika:
Address: Gangstøvikveien 109, 6009 Ålesund.

From the administration building, drive up to the intersection and turn right. Follow the Larsgården ringroad to the intersection by NTNU (University), turn right, pass the cemetary to your right and then turn right again. Follow Gangstøvikvegen for about 1km until you reach a sharp right turn. Drive down the road and turn left at the end. Parking spots are marked.

If you are coming from Ålesund City Center, follow the approach road from the City Center going towards Moa, exit to your right towards Voldsdalen. Keep to your right at the roundabout and turn right at the first intersection towards Nørvegata. Follow Nørvegata for about 1,1km and turn left at Fogd Greves road and left again onto Gangstøvikvegen (towards Fagerlia secondary school). Follow Gangstøvikvegen as described over.

The Administration building in Larsgården:
Address: Trippeveien 1, Larsgården, 6009 Ålesund

We are only 7-8 minutes drive from Ålesund city center by car. Follow the approach road (E136) until you see signs for Larsgården by the Nørve channel. Exit to the right and drive over the E136. Turn right again and you will see a Spar grocery store. At the intersection by Spar, turn right and follow the Larsgårdsveien for about 300 metres untill you reach a intersection, where you turn left. Follow the road for about 200 meters and turn right. You will then arrive at your destination and see the administration building to your left.

If you are coming from Moa, exit the approach road by the Nørve channel, turn right and at the first intersection turn left onto Larsgårdsveien. From there follow the instructions given above.